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Donal Thompson studied Drama at Manchester University before going on to study for a  Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing from The Open University.

He won the BBC Alfred Bradley Bursary for his poems and toured the north of England with The Live Poets' Society.

He has  studied Coaching in the Workplace also through the Open University and Gestión de Proyectos Editoriales with La Universidad Europea de Madrid.

He has given conference workshops and seminars at  the University of Salamanca, University of Alcalá and the University of Granada. 

Currently he is engaged by Ediciones SM as freelance executive editor on their bilingual publishing programme. 

 With Amyjo Doherty and Raquel Saiz he formed the slightly anarchic and very quirky poetry and music  performance group The Poet's Arms in Madrid in 2015.  He is a partner in Cano-Thompson - a consultancy service offered to bilingual schools in Spain.

Poetry in Class

I can organize workshops on how to use poetry in your classroom regardless of the subject you teach. I can come and meet your kids and show them how poetry is even better than their smartphones.

Currently conceptualising an exciting TIE project for 2019-20. Drama workshops focused on values are also in development. I have experience in  community theatre and theatre-in-education. I can provide drama workshops on any subject.

Lost at work? Your map is not the territory.


Let me help you find your way through using the GROW method of personal and workplace coaching.

I work with the bilingual education consultancy CANO THOMPSON. We can help you prepare for the bilingual education landscape.
VIP English Coaching
Very occasionally I accept clients for personal English language coaching.
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